Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 731: It's a pause!

"Pause," junk mail & sheet music collage

In boarding school, at age 8, I took piano lessons.
It was not my choice, but was expected.
It was where I made another of my many mistaken decisions.
I never learned to read music ...
though I thought everyone thought I could.
Looking back now, I am sure I fooled no one.
I would watch the sheet music intently.
If quizzed, my memorized "every good boy does fine" ...
and "face" helped identify the notes in question.
I memorized the musical pieces, which I am sure were lackluster.
I only mention this, because today has been a pause.
A very big day yesterday, and another tomorrow.
Today I paused.
I even felt a bit guilty.
Then from somewhere in my cobwebs ...
I remembered my piano teacher saying that 
"it was the pauses in between the music, that made it beautiful".
I am sure that isn't her exact quote, but ...
of all the piano knowledge I missed ... I do remember that.
It made sense to me.

A smile for Sunday ...

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