Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 730! A two year discovery!

"Brickwall," 18 x 24" digital collage

I had hoped to have something special to post today ...
the two year anniversary of this quirky, random little blog.
730 days in a row ... no matter what!

A busy day,  four stops and now home to talk list them.


 A P/T appointment @ 10:30 AM ... 

movement, measurements and ice.


  A celebratory sushi lunch with WonderWoman and ...

 2/3 of my teenage grandsons.


  A visit to Costa Mesa and Coastline Community Collage.

This has been on my mental list for a while.
I kept hearing about this fantastic venue & gallery.

Today was the last day of their...
"Selections from the Collection" show.

"Silke," by Gregg Stone

"Every Soul is a Circus," by Sandra Jones Campbell

It was ...
a very a lovely show, 
but my 
did not do justice
to the
artist work.
So this is ...
a small

But it felt like I had discovered a hidden treasure ...
with the cutting edge architecture of ...
this beautiful campus!

Designed in 2012 by architect Steve Tiner and LPA ...

A short video can be viewed here.

it's like walking in a sculpture.

Graphic shapes in cement, glass and steel ...

classrooms ...

and open windows circulate ocean air ...

If near, you should visit.


 I went to see "A Most Wanted Man" at our local art theater.
Opening day for the Seymour Hoffman/John Le Carre movie 
and the line extended into the street.

We lost a masterful actor.

A smile for Saturday ...

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