Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 729: They thought I was his what?

Sailor, two collages, digitally layered

I just posted this picture of my Dad and I for TBT on FB.
It was taken in Hong Kong in 1990.
24 years ago.

I had never seen my Dad as happy as in Hong Kong

My Dad, a former Greyhound bus driver and movie studio driver,
 was a ver thrifty man. Very.  He never had much.
In 1990 at age 80, he called saying he wanted to go to Asia.
He said if I would go with him, he would pay my way.
I was teaching, had a husband and daughter, but ...
he said if I didn't, he would go alone. 
So the consensus was, I should go.
It was a three week trip, all first class, five star hotels.
We didn't even carry our luggage. 
They picked  it up at our hotel room ...
and it was delivered to our next hotel room!
I had never travelled like that before, or since.
We went to Japan, Hong Kong, China, Macau,  
Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Bali, Singapore and Seoul.
We were a group of 12, six couples who ...
turned out to be mainly doctors and lawyers.
Dad especially enjoyed conversations with strangers.
I went shopping as he visited in the hotel lobby. 
When I returned one day he wasn't there.
I asked one of the couples if they had seen my Dad?
They had the strangest expression ...
saying "your Dad"?
I mentioned this to my Dad that evening, 
that they didn't realize that I was his daughter?
My Dad just smiled.

A smile for Friday ...

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