Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 726: 730 is now on the horizon....

Circus, digital collage

A friend sent me this cryptic e-mail message today!
"730 is now on the horizon...."
I responded, ... I know!
This Saturday will be two years for this daily, random blog.
(But based on #725, there may be reason for concern?)

Some blogs have contests ...
I'm just trying to get there.
(If you want "mail art", just let me know?)

Back when I taught in public school, there was an end date, 
and the closer to that date ... the harder. 
Both for teachers and kids.
I always said if someone added one more day ...
there would be a full out revolt.

Another friend sent me a wonderful e-mail today,
one that I might have skipped over, but didn't.
Turns out, this one is amazing, and ...
I want to share it with you.

Please go to here, and click on any, or all of the 12 photos ...
to see the magic of the tides on the British coast line.
I don't think my words do it justice, but it only takes a minute
and I think you might be pleasantly surprised?

For 8 years, Michael Marten took photos ...
to document the daily rhythms of the tides.
Same locations, 8 & 16 hours apart.
I hope you enjoy.
I am hoping this makes up for yesterday?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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