Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 724: A few blinks of the eye ...

Josephine, old photo & collages, digitally blended

As some of you know, 
those who sometimes stop by this daily blog,
I have been on house & grand-dog sitting duty.
While at their home, I studied the many family photos.
and got to thinking ...

already super heroes ... 2 Batman & 1 Superman 

but allow me to backtrack a moment.
I was blessed to be there when each grandson was born.
And, luckily, I have been hands on every week, 
and more, ever since. 


No one could have prepared me for the joy of being a Grandma.

in Palm Springs with a young Roxie

These young men occupy the major real estate of my heart. 
I am usually able to be there when their parents ask.
And in just a few blinks of the eye ...

this is now.  
Life is very good.

A smile for Sunday ...

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