Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 719: Second best is not too shabby!

two collages, digitally blended

I am now at Grandma TLC Central.
(Grandma Tender Loving Care - Taxi Launder Cook)
Normally known as home to ...
WonderWoman , Superman, and the three teenage super-guys!

beach bound

But while the five are frolicking at the beach ...

Roxie, Bella, Chloe and Laker are ...
thrilled and excited to be with me. 
And while I know they miss the normal noise and fun ...
in this crazy household,

I think they have me rated second best.
I keep the food and water levels high.
And, I am pretty good at the "petting" part.
Second best is not too shabby!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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