Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 717: Just sayin' ...

junk mail & acrylic collage

Ever watched a baby?
Not your own.
Just a baby.
I was in the waiting room, waiting.
A lady had a baby in a carrier.
Another lady asked how old.
The mother said "five months".
My mind went back through the cobwebs to five months.
A magical age, to my memory.
Where all the senses are developed and demanding use.
I couldn't actually see the baby's face because of the angle,
but I had a clear view of the perfect hands and feet.
I caught myself smiling as I watched ...
tiny hands and feet moving in a constant rhythm ...
to a music score heard only by that baby.
For five minutes. I timed it.
No one seemed to see it, but that baby didn't miss a beat!
I would have loved to have had a photo for you, 
but I am sure that Mom would have had me arrested as a stalker.
Just sayin'...

A smile for Sunday ...

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