Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 714: A 5 Star Outing!

acrylic, tissue & junk mail collage

Time for Eastside's monthly art sojourn.
Today it was a 5 star retreat at ...
Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach.

Just minutes from Fashion Island, 
tucked behind a forrest of trees ...
is a well-hidden, rarely seen paradise on earth.

Each Eastside artist teaches their talent ...

Our hostess Jody, a master seamstress and artist,
invited us for a day of luxury ...
sewing, making pillows and creating.

by Diane

We printed our selected images on prepared canvas ...
and stitched the seams ... 

by Norma

then stuffed the pillows ...

by Marilyn

and voila!

by Libby

different shapes ...

by jacki

and sizes ...

by Diane

Then artist, master teacher, Libby Williamson ...

by Libby

demonstrated free motion stitching,
or thread sketching!

by Libby

where you actually draw with  the machine stitches!

by Libby

by Libby
by Libby

And Libby let me play too.

by jacki

My first attempt, with apologies to Frida!

A smile for Thursday ...

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