Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 713: Lunch with Bradley Cooper & Rachel!

"Kim". ink drawing layered over collage, digitized

Just another lunch with Bradley Cooper?

We avoided the paparazzi somehow ...
having lunch outdoors at Ztejas, in South Coast Plaza. 

A quiet lunch. 
No autographs.
Just two former students, now successful adults ...

and me, their biggest fan.
Okay, maybe not the real Bradley Cooper ...
but his even more handsome double, Jared.
And Rachel, the globetrotting whiz, college grad,
newly arrived from Viet Nam,
soon en route to her next post, Chicago.
Then there's me, the happy camper.

my street tacos

Leaning in to catch every detail
of past and upcoming plans. 

One of my great blessings in life ...
still being in touch with former students.
Who, to me,  are much more than that.
Life is good!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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