Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 707: Art with Jeri!

journal spread collage/ 6.29.2014

Last post about my four day getaway.
Friday, Saturday and today is about last Sunday.

I love Paso Robles.

 Walking around Jeri & Jerry's acreage ...
is good for the soul.

We could have gone shopping or sightseeing.
But instead, we had more fun playing in Jeri's art studio.

Jeri has more personality than anyone I have ever met. 

One of Jeri's passions is art. 
Jeri's art studio is the size of my house.
Set up, ready to work & equipped with everything imaginable.

by Jeri

I had given Jeri a journal, and ...
we worked on collage and stuff.

by Jeri

We found a great deal on fat Copic markers at Michael's.
Usually $7.99 each, sharp-eyed Jeri saw the $1.99 tag ...
a markdown and we were in "score" heaven.

by Jeri

Then Jeri showed me a self-portrait she had done years ago.
I loved it! 
We taped it to a window and ...
I gave her a torn sheet from a magazine ...

Jeri tearing paper

asking her to collage the background ...
and do a version, based on the way she felt now.

by Jeri

Art with Jeri!

A smile for Thursday ...

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