Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 701: The ladies outdid themselves!

junk mail, tissue & magazine collage

Today was the fourth and last class
of the Mixed Media Journal Workshop series.

by Amelia

And it's true, the ladies outdid themselves!

by Amelia

One assignment was to create a face ...


using acrylics, collage & or markers.

by Brandy

With the goal of exaggeration ...

by Crystal,Amelia,Jeannie,Patty & Brandy

the freer, the better.

Then, taking the same approach with stamps ...

me by Leslie

to be free and have fun ...

by Marilyn, Irene, Mary, Amelia & Brandy

and the results were spectacular!

by Valerie

And time for freestyle work.

by Irene, Crystal, Mary& Marilyn

Each was asked to create a page ...
in a progressive journal to be filled in future classes.

by Valerie

Couldn't have asked for a better group.

A smile for Friday ...

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