Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 695: Natalie & Ramen!

ink drawing, digitally collaged

Hard to top that on a Friday!
Former student Natalie e-mailed me that ...
"it has been too long and we need to catch up".

I responded in agreement, and suggested ...
we meet up at ShinSen Gumi today for lunch.
Now, Natalie & Shin Sen Gumi ...
is a win - win, big time!

Natalie & Brian, close-up, years ago

I have been lucky to watch Natalie and brother Brian grow up.

Natalie & Brian now

They are siblings of handsome and very tall parents.
I mention that because I so admire "tall!"

Not only beautiful and tall, but smart!
I really admire "smart!"
So I went to my photo files  ...

A member of Shito-Ryu, Genbu-Kai Costa Mesa dojo ...

Friendly, kind, energetic.

Jianna & Natalie

Natalie earned red belt, the highest junior rank ...

Jake, Luke, Natalie, Kevin, Sophia, Jianna & Chloe

and joined a great group of young leaders.

Natalie & Roy, 2010

The first junior karateka to win the 
Richard Wetts Memorial Award
for student of the year 2010, along with
Roy Center, the first adult recipient.

So today, over ramen, Natalie and I caught up 
her upcoming senior year in high school,  
friends, college possibilities, jobs & plans.
See Natalie's editorial & photographic skills here.
A fun time. How lucky am I?

.A smile for Saturday ...

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