Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 688: A lucky day trip!

junk mail & magazine collage

What can you do in a day and 100 miles?
If you're lucky ...
you can be invited to Irene's house!

On our way to Irene's ...

to look at her beautiful, unique journals ...

and to learn to make a journal from an old book.
I apologize, I was having fun and was so busy ...
I forgot to take photos till we were done.

Brandy's completed journal

Brandy and I learned how to gut a book, 
measure and tear paper to fit, 
my new journal
make the signatures 
and sew it all 
into our newly 
covered old book frames.

Meet Irene ...

Friend, artist, hostess and cook extraordinaire, and ...
very knowledgable, patient teacher.

And us, the lucky recipients of her kindness.
And then it was time to go home.

And this was our view!

Can you see the sailboat and plane?

Before going on the 110, 405 and 22 Freeways home.
Another great day!

A smile for Saturday ...

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