Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 683: Big night for a living hero!

junkmail & magazine collage

Saturday night at the fabulous ...

Mission Inn ...

in Riverside, California ...

Friends, students, dignitaries and Demura Sensei
gathered to honor Professor and Sensei ...
Dwight Lomayesva.

Retiring from teaching after 32 years at RCC
and teaching at Universities around the world, 
as well as 50 years training in Karate-Do.

In this beautiful venue, Dwight's Riverside's Karate dojo
Melissa Torres and Melissa Perez planned a lovely event.

Textbook Centerpieces, a superb meal and a cake featuring Dwight's many interests ...

Dwight Lomayesva, Hopi Indian chief, 
successful Arizona cattle and grain rancher.
Accomplished Professor of History and Mathematics,
Demura Sensei's highest ranking black belt,
husband, father, mentor & friend.

But he is even more ...

Group gift, carved wooden Samurai sculpture, by artist Bryan Crismas

a man of honesty, loyalty, integrity and kindness.

Speakers John Perez, Kevin Suzuki, Pat

And we 

were honored ...

to celebrate a living hero!

A smile for Monday ...

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