Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 682: Styled by WonderWoman!

Here's my collage  for the day ...

envelope lining & junk mail collage

and,  I want to tell you about tonight.
I am going to fancy dinner to honor one of my living heroes.
I'll get back to that in tomorrow's blog post.
(TMI alert: you may want to skip to the smile)
But, I have to tell you about what I am going to wear.
Because it is very dressy event, I looked in my closet ...
 to see if anything would work?
I found a long black dress & jacket ...
still in the Nordstrom bag with all the tags on.
I tried it on, and it was about a size too big, but wearable.
I mentioned it to WonderWoman, and she said ...
bring it over and let's see.

So I took it there and tried it on, and we both agreed it was okay.
But in the meantime, she had pulled out some alternatives.
I tried on several dresses, all short.
(WW is a foot taller than me, okay maybe seven inches)
One, a bright, short, colorful silk dress ...
that I immediately said, Oh no, I wouldn't pick that!
She said try it, and I did, and I am wearing it tonight.
Not only that she said my shoes were "dated" ...
and put me in a pair of Gucci!
And a Prada purse.  And a necklace!
To be able to go to a dinner not looking matronly, great!
To spend time being "styled" by WonderWoman ... priceless!

Tune in tomorrow for the fancy event!

A smile for Sunday ...

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