Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 679: Somedays there is a change of plans?

magazine & junk mail collage

There's a saying ...
If you want to make God laugh ...
tell him you plans.
I think that it's true.
It's taken me a lot of years to discover ...
I am not in charge.
I am a caretaker of my life, but ...
I am not in charge.
I do the best I can to be organized, but ...

What brings this up ... I had plans for today.
TMI, but I went to bed late last night, 
woke up early with monkey brain.
If you're not familiar with that ...
it's when your brain in jumping in all directions.
It would seem that during the few hours of sleep,
the brain had decided something had to give today.
Some of my plans had to go, some shifted 
and a couple of new ones added.
Clearly God has a sense of humor.

A smile for Thursday ...

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