Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 675: Great mail day!

magazine & junk mail collage

I am currently house and grand-dog sitting for four days.
This requires just a 12 mile drive. 
And ... packing what I will need.
I come home each day for two reasons:
1. because I forgot something I needed, and
2. to pick up my newspaper, mail & 
check in with my significant other, my Mac Pro.
So,  take a look at today's mail ...

and inside was Michele's journal, 
for my turn to contribute to ...
our six member round-robin journal group.

and also inside, a card from Terry

It will have to be a very special person for me to use this card.
I am selfish like that.
But that's not all ... an envelope from Irene!

and inside,  "Pay It Forward" art work by Irene.

What a treat!

Still more?
My extravagant order arrived.
I blame it on Amy.
I read her blog whenever she posts.
One day she mentioned her pinafore.
I have always wanted a pinafore ...
and decided I better get to it!
I went to her source, Rough Linen ...
and voila! They make it so easy!

me, in my mind's eye 
what I unwrapped today ...

And, while I splurging ...
I got this dear lavender bag
which has a very 
special friend's name on it. 

All in all, a wonderful mail day.
Have a great weekend.

A smile for Sunday ...

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