Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 650: A little background music ...

Dear friend and great artist, Terry, is one of five of us 
in the long distance journal group mentioned yesterday.
He posted a series showing how his journal spread evolved.
And, because the merit of that was not lost on me,
or, because I am a copy cat, I am doing the same.
Last February, we five spent a glorious day at
Irene's spectacular home in Palos Verde Estates.
We gave prompts in turn, and at the end of that
day, my journal spread looked like this ...


One of Irene's prompts had been to draw a self-portrait, 
eyes closed & using the opposing hand.
Terry had us use a word ... I picked "friends".
John gave us a border challenge ...
and Brian had us add an animal.
As you might image, all five journals are so different.


Once home, our prompts came through our FB page.
Still using prompts we continued to add to the page,
wherever we  thought it would benefit the overall look.


Here at stage 3, Irene sent us all punchinella,

(sequin waste) to use as we saw fit ...

area close-up


    and ... I got carried away! No moderation meter here.
Each prompt offered an opportunity to cover a ...
lesser area, so changes happened.


I wasn't thrilled so I tried outlining,
but still not a happy camper. 
Then Brian came to rescue saying, 
gesso whatever you don't like.
God bless Brian!


My prompt was to add text ... 
John's to add stamps ...
and we are still at it!

A fun group!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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