Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 644: A cookie in the oven?

First a collage ...
there are some who look at this blog for the artwork 
and have mentioned that they don't care for the personal stuff.

papers, magazine & junk mail collage

So, they can slide on down to the smile for today.

Now about that cookie!
When daughter, WonderWoman was growing up ...
at various times of her discontent ... I would reply ...
"You're a cookie in the oven ...
you're not done yet!"
Though it didn't solve the problem, it did make sense.
And, over the years of teaching,
I repeated this phrase to various students.
Then as my grandsons were growing up,
it was spoken at just the right times.
I mention this, because I read today's blog by artist Connie Rose.
A wonderfully talented artist on so many levels ...
as she shared thoughtful decisions and directions.
And though I didn't say it, I did think it.
Now you may be wondering, 
like my youngest grandson who once asked ... 
"Well how about you Grandma, are you done yet?"
I had to think, then said ...
"not quite, but I'm pretty crispy around the edges."

94 degrees in Santa Ana today...
even hotter inside our hombu dojo:

A smile for Thursday ...

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