Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 620: Brownie points, big time!

I am not sure why?
Maybe it was the kale, tumeric & fruit smoothie?
Or, just wanting brownie points from WW?
But today I decided to do a big walk on a gorgeous day.

Normally when I walk, I usually walk 1-1/2 miles uphill 
& kind of roll 1-1/2 miles downhill home.

Today, 2-1/2 miles to the top of Citrus Park ...

In the distance, the roof of my destination.

This park is a beautiful working lemon tree grove...

with an uphill trek to my goal.

Fine print: Elevation: 279 ft.   Population:900 Lemon Trees

The City of Tustin has ...

Don't Pick The Lemons (There's nothing sadder than a lemonless tree)

a sense of humor ....

almost there ...

Fashion Island and Newport Beach in the distance

and well worth the climb.

Someday I am going to pack a lunch to eat here.

Tustin Country Club Golf Course

So quiet and beauty in every direction.

The path home.

About here my legs started to feel like tree trunks ...
so it was no problem to keep the speed limit.

Once home, a shower, laundry, nap, 
read the Sunday paper and did a journal entry ...

I hope you had a terrific Sunday?

A smile for Monday ...

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