Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 619: Random Saturday ...

Some Saturdays are planned, scheduled ...
but today was random.

Somedays I work late into the night, 
like last night ... so today I slept in. 

But feeling guilty about no exercise yesterday ...
 today I walked. You can tell WonderWoman.

When I get to the top of my walk at 
Pioneer Park ...  I swing.

the seismographic awing

While on this swing today, my designated swing ...
I felt two distinct tremors. 
This is California people!
No one on the swings, but the chains shook in my hands.
I looked at others in the park for confirmation, 
but they, not being on a swing, were oblivious.
As I would have been if not on the ...
seismographic swing!

A few flowers on the way home.
A shower, errands, groceries and back home in time for ...

I love ALL sports.
Daughter of a father who called me Jack.
He had wanted a boy, and the name would be Jack.
Regardless, I love sports and the the final four is big time.

A little tired, from two hard games ...
I worked on a collage.

recycled sketchbook cover, magazine & stamp collage ...

I hope you had a good Saturday too?

A smile for Sunday ...

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