Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 604: Good for the soul ...

lots of things, I guess.
But so often, we don't take time for them?
Time is so precious.
None of us know how much we will have.

magazine, calendar & glue stick collage

One of my pleasures ...
(way down the ladder under family, friends etc.)
are these humble little collages ...
which please me on some primal level.
They make me smile.

A smile for Saturday ...

newspaper, tissue & pattern collage

I did this collage as a demonstration a few years ago.
It was quick and I had no face in mind.
When it was done, she looked familiar.
In HBAL we have this fabulous artist, architect and past-president, Carrol.
I showed it to her and when I was sure she wasn't offended, I gave it to her.
She told me later that her kids said it was her.
This males me smile.

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