Tuesday, March 25, 2014

607: So blessed ...

Blog disclaimer:
This little daily blog is usually visual, mainly artwork.
So you can skip to artwork below, but ... 
yesterday, I, through whatever lapse of whatever...lost my purse.
Not an earth-shaking calamity, in the overall complexity of life.
I still have my limbs, family, health and blessings.
So I tell myself, to deal, cope and handle it.
What I don't have is my drivers license, 
2 credit cards (I only use 2), 
cash (more than I should have been carrying, but in my defense, 
I was on Grandma TLC duty ...
and you never know what you might need), 
an un-cashed check,
my health and Costco card, AAA card, library card, 
12 gift cards (I know, I know they should have been left at home) 
my Sensa brush & stylus, my favorite pen, 
eye drops, breath mints, my i-phone and business cards. 

It feels like it's here somewhere, 
but please believe me when I say I have looked everywhere.
I had  checked the car, under my seat, back seat ...
everywhere in sight.
I even retraced my stops. 
Yesterday, I drove (without a license) back to each stop 
... expecting it to be waiting for me. 
Yes, I called my cell phone and it ...
cheerfully told me to leave a message.
I had it when I paid $10 to park, 
and $8 to attend my Grandson's bb game at 11 AM.
I looked up what to do when you lose your license
and it let me know I was in for, and I quote,
"full on doom"!
I checked the two credit card accounts for activity ...
and there was none.
I knew I should close all of the accounts, 
but I had this gut feeling that it would turn up.
I decided to sleep on it, waking at 4AM, 
 rechecking the accounts with the same results.

Just now, as a last ditch effort ...
before buckling down to a day of ... 
notifying credit card companies and all the fun that would entail
... I backed my car out of the garage.
On hands and knees I reached under the drivers seat,
the back seat, trunk and went around to the passenger side.
From the back seat, on my knees ...
I reached under the front passenger seat.
At first nothing, but then I felt a strap, I was frozen ...
I reached more and grabbed my small black purse.
Words can't convey my relief, joy and yes, tears.
To be honest, when I started this post, the title was "%$#@".
When I came back in, I started to delete the entire post,
but then I changed it to "so blessed". And I am.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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