Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 579: Back to normal?

Tournament is over ...
competitors are on their way home.
Arizona team left late last night.
Canadian team left earlier today.
Japan and Florida teams leave Wednesday. 
And so on.

We take a deep breath of gratitude.
A safe event, great friendships ...
and it seems the annual event will ...
be here again in a few blinks of the eye.
Meanwhile, we all get back to our normal routine.

Today, an unusual smile for Tuesday ...

You get to play! 
You get to be Jackson Pollock for a day.
Click on the link below, you'll see a blank screen ...
use your cursor ... scribble or draw, 
just click to change colors. 
That's it!  Instant fun!
Kids will love this, and ...
I bet you haven't played in a while?


I thought you might like to see my first masterpiece?


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