Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 575: You can feel it ...

Excitement, trepidation, and more ...

rental vans pulling in with eager karate-ka ...

approaching the hombu dojo ...

a humble building, headquarters for a great teacher.
And, his students come for everywhere for the chance to learn.

Today's day class, just one of many opportunities ...
while still more competitors arrive or are en route.

Some of Spain's team with Demura Sensei.

Some of Canada's team warming up in the 84 degrees.

Instructor, Mario & family & student from Chile.

Seeing double? Barry and Carry from Canada.

Youngest, white belt Dennis smiled ...
after finishing the mainly black belt class.

One of my  heroes

And this is the Irene!
Indomitable firefighter from Canada, 
still training through an extensive recovery period,
that would have stopped a lesser being.

Costa Mesa dojo Instructor, Roy Center

Water and a wall to lean against feels good
after a strenuous workout with Demura Sensei.

In the office,  Demura Sensei ...
prepares for the busy days ahead.

And we all feel so happy to be here.

A smile for Friday ...

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