Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 574: Batten down the hatches!

It's that time again.

They're coming.

competition at Costa Mesa High School gym

From all over the world.
Japan,  England,  Venezuela,  Chile, 
Australia,  South Africa,  Germany,  Spain,  Mexico,
all over the United States,  Canada and more.

Edgar Albakian (R) and part of the Venezuela team

Some from the Canadian team trained in day class today.

Taken after a rigorous  day class

The next four days are filled with hombu dojo training, 
advanced black belt kata training on Thursday evening.
Moichtsuki Ceremony rice pounding, 
Black Belt Referee training and grading, 
International Black Belt Testing.
Kobudo Seminar
Batto-Do Seminar
Kata Seminar
Director's Meeting, all on Friday.
Kobudo (Weapons) Competition,
Batto-Do (Sword) Competition,
Buffet group dinner, all on Saturday.
and on Sunday ...
sponsored by Costa Mesa High School Karate Club
and Shito-Ruy Karate-Do Genbu-Kai ...

Known for his beautiful calligraphy, Demura Sensei chose ...

GAMAN, patience ...
for this years tournament apparel and gifts.

A smile for Thursday ...

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