Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 572: I meet the nicest people ...

Really. I do.
Been busy teaching classes lately.
Also took some great classes.
Today was my first free day in a while.
Surprisingly, I decided to spend it doing art?

Mail art postcard ready for Terry

Then being easily distracted ...
I veered into doing some mail art.
both outstanding artists,
And Valerie a student in a recent class ...
sent me a wonderful package of ...

gift "stuff" for Valerie

stuff ... papers, stamps, and more!

envelope ready for Valerie (address masked for privacy)

So I have been anxious to return her kindness.

back of Valerie's envelope

and a postcard for Marilyn,

Mail art postcard ready for Marilyn

who helped me start this blog 572 days ago ...

And, as you read this it will be Connie's birthday ...
so I worked on a (belated) package to her.
I can't show you the inside, 
but the envelope looked like this ...

envelope ready for Connie (address masked for privacy)

I do get carried away ...
but, I LOVE to fix gifts.
And art gifts, even better.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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