Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 566: Due tomorrow ...

I am a member of Eastside. 
An artist collaborative group.
We meet once a month, one of our eight members ...
teaches a project that we all learn and enjoy.
We also have a round-robin project that rotates each month.
Norma, an amazing gourd artist ...
designed an 11 x 14" gourd into ...
an 8 panel Navajo doll for execution.

Diane, also a master gourd artist carved her panel.
Linda, a jewelry artist, used metal embossing.

Each artist decided on & made their own panel.

A wood burning tool was included, just in case.

Erin, a painter, painted her panel.

Jody, a designer, designed her panel.

a fabric artist
designed a 
fabric panel
shown unattached 
will be
attached after 
the gourd 
is sealed.

I have had the gourd for a month. 
It's due tomorrow.
Originally I thought I would carve a design.

But collage seemed safer.

I sorted through papers ...

and masked off the panel.

Using matte medium, I adhered strips ...

 I wish I'd used gloss medium, as I lost colors.

Not as good as I had hoped ...

but when you procrastinate ... 
you pay the price.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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