Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 459: A Dan Test!

A dan test ...
is when a student reaches a specific level of proficiency 
and is invited to test for sho-dan, or first level of black belt.
I can only speak for Shito-Ryu Genbu-Kai , as 
there are many styles of Japanese karate,
and differences in the requirements.

Demura Sensei & group at Hombu Dojo, Santa Ana, CA

Years of training go into preparing for this day ...

Luke and Demura Sensei

13 year old Luke, the only junior to test for jr. sho-dan,
as we do not have black belt level for juniors.
At 15 he can start on his adult white belt.

Mas & Ian

I like to take photos immediately after the test ...

Brandon & Roy

everyone is smiling ...

Kevin & John

and sweaty ...

Eric & JoAnn

but it's a good sweaty!

Jesse & Laura

Time to feel good.

Aleta, Luis & Juan

Real camaraderie.

Melissa & Alex 

Relief and relaxation.

Christopher & Luis


Kevin & Melissa

Melissa was the only test candidate for ni-dan.
Demura Sensei, Luis & Kevin

Demura Sensei reminds us ... no rest!
Next Saturday - kyu tests  9 -12 noon
followed by  Shihankai Seminar  2 - 5PM
48th Annual Inter-Dojo Tournament
Sunday, November 3,  9 - 4PM
Costa Mesa High School Gym

A 4 minute preview of the upcoming documentary
on Demura Sensei, titled The Real Miyagi ...
can be viewed at ...

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