Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 449: Photos and more photos ...


Today, after day class ...

my photos were returned to me.

Japanese Village Demonstration, mid 1970's

Cinematographer, Producer Kevin Derek
asked for photos of Demura Sensei from years ago.

Demura Sensei & Makoto Ibushi

 Being a student for 41 years, I had a lot.

Ozawa Tournament, Las Vegas, 1982

So many memories.

Hombu Dojo

Sharing a few now...

Orange Coast College Tournament, 1984

more in later posts ...

Demura Sensei and nephew, Sean

I have forgotten some of the dates ...
* note to self, put the year on the back of photos!

                                                      Also, if you haven't seen the short 4 minute video trailer about 
                     the upcoming documentary movie, The Real Miyagi, (it's had over 2 million hits, you can view it at:

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