Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 438: LA traffic & my old stomping ground...

Last Friday I got a message from a dear relative.
We had never met, but connected through FB
and a mutual deep love for Bea and Bert.
A Florida resident, Julie was in LA for ...
the upcoming birth of Sarah and Abraham's son,
her future grandson.
It was suggested that Friday might be a good day,
so I drove the 5 into LA's SilverLake district.

a view from silver Lake Boulevard

I love Silver Lake.  
It's a trendy, diverse residential and commercial neighborhood 
in Central LA, known for great shops, cafes and clubs.

Lamillco Cafe

But once in the area, it was only natural ...
that I would re-visit my high school terrain.

I actually parked for a minute to takes these shots.
It's a beautiful old school and used in many movies,
commercials and tv shows, to the extent that my grandsons
recognize it as my high school from 100 years ago.

Late Friday afternoon, the campus was ...
deserted and quiet as ...

I stood there looking up at my chemistry lab ...

and my homeroom. When I got home
 I dug up this ancient photo ...

jacki, Marty, Nadine and Nancy

and noticed they have replaced the shrubs.

A smile for Monday ...

you smiled, right?

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