Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 414: It happened again ...

We met at CATALYST, Thursday 10 - 1 PM.

Nine returnees, four newbies!

A great bunch of journal adventurers.

All dedicated to attacking their newly provided journals!

We had assignments last week,

by Brandy
and new ones this week,

by Irene

Look at what happened in three hours ...

we did more free sheets ...

using progressive acrylics and various tools ...

to loosen up and use for collage.

Next assignment - a small face within a 4 x 4" square ...

followed by a full page face.

Jan by Pat

It could be a neighbor, imaginary, but a face.

Mary by Mickey
by Mary

The goal freedom and fun.

and can you believe ... homework for next week?
Two more classes to go, direct sign-up here.
Unlike school, all assignments are 
maleable or even optional!

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