Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 354: If I was inclined to get a tattoo ...

( AND I'M NOT! )
It would say, "they can't all be gems!"
I've said this a lot, but wrote it today ...
and then thought ... that's today's blog.

57 ... stored on shelves, different sizes and shapes.

I do journals, currently finishing up #57.
And if you looked through, you would agree ...
they can't all be gems.

Left: Magazines & glue-stick / Rights newspaper,  junk mail,  pattern & glue-stick

Some, like above, are single pages ...

acrylic  11 x 17"
some, like above, are a 2 page open spread.

Left: digital image / Right: magazine & glue-stick.

Some work, some don't.
Just like real life.

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