Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 350: OMG/ Oh my gourd!

Second Wednesday of the month, so ...
and ten of us met up on the "Eastside".

It's the name of our group, but also ...
we were on the east side of Costa Mesa.

Our mission: to make an ocean drum from a gourd.
An ocean drum is a simple shallow drum. 
The ocean sounds come from small metal balls inside, 
which roll side to side. 

Gourd whisperers Diane, Norma and Annie guided us
through a full day of steps ... as we got "up close
and personal" with our gourds.

Ever been around someone passionate about teaching & gourds?
It is infectious, exhilarating, inspiring & wonderful.
I didn't even know I liked gourds! But I do.

(1) We started with a half gourd ...
(2) placed wet goat skin across open side of the gourd,
(3) stapled the skin over the rim ...
(4) after drawing a design, we used a word burning tool ...
(5) to cut our design into the gourd.

Did I mention breakfast?

I was so engrossed in completing the project,
the next steps are not shown but include ... 
(6) staining/inking the gourd,
(7) heat-setting the stain,
(8) cutting into the gourd to seat the stone,
(9) cutting the hole.
(10) adding bb's into the gourd to get the perfect sound,
(11) gluing the stone,
(12) glued the trim to cover staples at edge,
(13) some added studs to the trim,
(14) varnish the finished ocean drum.

Drum designs in progress by (a) Jody, (b) Gerry,
(c) Libby, (d) Annie, (e) Linda

Did I mention lunch?

I apologize,  I only got final pictures of my drum.
Another great day on the Eastside!

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