Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 349: Another day ...

another collage spread.

I am preparing to teach upcoming ...
collage classes and do demonstrations.
People ask what I use ...

Magazines, glue-stick, protractor and ...
my favorite a 1" wallpaper seam roller!
These are my main go-to's.
But, there is no limit to what we can use.

Stabillo, CARTAd'ACHE, Portfolio pastels, 
markers, china markers, watercolor pencils ...

inks, acrylics, glazes, guache, stains, washi tape ...
whatever is available & good for the work.

Today's collage is a 2 page journal spread,
using only magazines, junk mail and a glue stick.

(only magazines & glue-stick)

Above is the left page of the 8.5 x 11" journal.

(only magazines & glue-stick)

and above is the right hand page ...
too large to scan both pages together.

(only magazines & glue-stick)

This is the full spread.
Titled ... Everyday.

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