Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 322: Time for Eastside!

Second Wednesday of the month ...

eight of us, called "Eastside"...

get together for a five hour art happening.

June's host, talented and in-demand painter, Erin!

and her charming co-host, Bentley!

Snacks then off to paint hydrangeas.

Some had never painted before, but we were in good hands.

Erin's hydrangea

Erin was not only knowledgable , but a caring teacher.

Linda's hydrangea

Jody & Libby during demo ...

Diana & Norma at work


After lunch we started on sunflowers .


and chairs ...

... and one of us cleaned her brushes on her journal.

Thank you Erin, you were terrific!

Bye Bentley!

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