Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 294: Another hero ...

I have several.
But today I thought I would tell you about Dr. Nichols.

Alice Nichols was a contemporary of and had gone
 to school with famous artist, Georgia O'Keeffe.

Dr. Nichols was the Head of the Art Department ...

at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana ...
from 1947 - 1968.

She was an amazing lady in so many ways.
Her silver hair, worn in a crew cut.
She smoked a pipe.
She drove a fast little red MG sports car.
She had two tiny dogs always with her .

These were uncommon traits for a lady ...
in Indiana at that time.
She was strict, but fair. And kind.

One time she came into the painting class, 
she took my painting and left!
A few minutes later, she said ...
"If you don't know when to stop, I do."
She returned it later, saying it was indeed, finished.
I am still working on that part of my art work.

I am sure there are many special stories about her.
John Surovek, now a Palm Beach, FL art dealer 
had this statue made and presented to honor Dr. Nichols.

After she retired she traveled and ...
one of my treasures is an Italian postcard from Dr. Nichols.
She was an individual and a very special lady.

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