Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 287: A Lady in distress!

I stopped by the Assistance League of Tustin ...
on my way to day class.
A great little thrift shop in Old Town Tustin.
After a $2 purchase, I was getting in my car when ...
I looked across the street to see a Lady in distress.

I couldn't help. All that was left of the 1885 building,
possibly the oldest building in Tustin, was the facade.

A strange sight, yet comforting that they had saved the front.

But, now for the back-story ... 

A year ago this was a shop known as the Vintage Lady. 

Perched on a narrow lot on historic El Camino Real.
A popular store, known for gifts, antiques & garden.

But in May 2012 ...
 an unattended candle caused a fire,
and the left just a skeleton of the former store.

May 2012

May 2012

So for now ...

It looks like the Lady may make a comeback?

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