Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 308: Ever fold a real kimono?

Not an easy task ...

Many years ago, we were gifted with ...

 three exquisite traditional Japanese kimono.  

(*color distorted by flash, actually white)

A creamy white silk brocade ...

traditional tsuru wedding kimono.

Magnificent detail in embroidery.

A crimson red silk tsuru & ginko kimono.

Also with amazing detail.

And, a crimson & gold silk  kimono.

I apologize that my photographs don't do justice to the colors.

Or the tsuru, cherry blossom and chrysanthemum detail.

Treasures from Japan.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 307: Day class with Demura Sensei ...

We are so blessed!

Demura Sensei is home from Costa Rica!

We train hard at the hombu dojo when he is gone,

but we are so happy when he comes home.

Nine yudansha were in day class today...

Demura Sensei worked us non-stop.

Another great day in Santa Ana.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 305: A hard act to follow ... so ...

Every once in a while ...
I happen on a pretty solid post for the day.
I felt yesterday was one.
More than usual visitors, a really nice thing.
But now, a hard act to follow! So ...

Sunday evening I had "fun" wrapping a gift.

and making a card ...

for Noelle Satori ...

a very special young lady turning two.

Not a puppy, but ...

something to keep for later.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 304: A trip to the Patchwork Festival!

On this beautiful, not-too-hot, sunny So. Cal Sunday ...
I drove 8 miles to the Santa Ana Artist's District,
one of my favorite places anytime, but today for the ...

I got to the Patchwork show
early, before the huge crowds.

The human powered art machine was on hand ...

hundreds of vendors ...

My favorite dj ... made us dance!

Lots of music ...
DJ's, singers and bands ...
oh my!

If you rode your bile ... you're all set!

A meeting place for friends and man's best friends.

I like the handmade signs!

Clever use on the entire bottle.

Easy choice for a grilled cheese fan.

I admit I sampled, they were great! But ... I kept moving.

Hand-sewn, handmade ...

And then, Junk Art Gypsyz was a great booth ...

 Wood letters? Letters with lights? 

I am in heaven!

I've said this a million times ...

So much to see.
and I only shown a few of the wonderful booths ...

I love keys! 
I collect keys!
But mine just sit there.
Check out Goat & kettle

What a fun day!
Hope you had fun where you are too?