Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 267: Wonderful snail mail!

Remember real mail?
Snail mail or whatever you want to call it?
Today I received a really beautiful hand written envelope.
Not the imitation handwriting some vendors use ...
to trick us into opening junk mail, but real!
I was excited, I didn't recognize the handwriting ...
so I went through possible senders in my mind.
Do you do that?

I blocked out my address above to save you from ...
wanting to send me all manner of gifts and goodies.
Now look what I found inside ...

by artist, Irene Rafael

Irene Rafael is a wonderful So. Cal. artist,
and I follow and am inspired by her blog.
We have been in classes together.
Most recently, Orly Avineri's journal workshop.

This made my day!
Thank you Irene!

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