Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 260: Good stuff from Brea!

Extra credit for braving heavy Friday traffic on the 57,
going to the Brea Gallery for their show ...

A beautiful venue ...

and an outstanding group of California artists,
and inclusive of all mediums.

"One Other Down Under" by Joanell Connelly
Fabric from Huntington Beach.

"What Do You Think?" by Ronald Bazile

Welded auto parts from Long Beach.

"Equus Grevyi" by Amanda Wolfe

Watercolor and pencil from Goleta.

"Pelican Pride" by Ryan Schmidt

Solid cast stainless steel from Beverly Hills.

"At Bay" by Robin Johnson

Oil on canvas from San Juan Capistrano.

"Glass Pillow" by Colin Roberts

Plexiglass and glue from Fullerton.

"Chairs for Grandpa" by Tiffany Ma
Wire sculpture from Santa Ana.

"Where The Lines Are Drawn" by Kristin Frost
Oil and 3-D paper collage on canvas from Claremont.

"Owlet" by Mark Clayton
Mixed media from Long Beach.

"Regeneration" by Sharon Hardy
Ceramic from Laguna Beach.

"Jersey City" by Michelle Farro

Oil on canvas from Laguna Beach.

"Rhythm #B" by Echo Lew

Photo on canvas from Diamond Bar.

I have edited down from 77,
 showing just some of the variety offered.
Well worth the trip if you can.

I'll be back.

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