Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 255: Journal update ...

It's been busy lately.
I do design work for pay. And, I have a need to create.

When I started this random little blog last July,
I told Seth that I planned to post daily.

He didn't discourage me, but said it was a big task.
He was right, but I love it.

I realize that no one would care, or even notice
 if I skipped a day, but I would.

The same can be said for my journal.

I am half-way through my 56th journal ...
a collection of scribbles, sketches and collage.

Like this blog, some more successful than others ...
but that's life, right?

Since December, I have started doing spreads.
Influenced by my time with Orly, I use both pages.

I read somewhere, that the goal was ...
not just to find your passion, but
to find what is your oxygen.

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