Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 248: My Uncle Owen

As I have said, I have been blessed in many ways.
One of those blessings is Uncle Owen.

Born Francis Owen Richardson in 1907.

Only child of Howard and Kate.

Born and raised on the Richardson home and farm ...

Sheridan, Indiana.

Owen met Pauline Beatty at a church social.
They dated for three years and eloped in 1928. 
This was a true love story covering 69 years.

Donna and Nancy, Martha, yet to be born

They had three daughters, Donna, Nancy and Martha.
Aunt Pauline and Uncle Owen were so proud of their girls.
Donna and Martha became teachers and Nancy a RN.

Uncle Owen and Aunt Pauline were both award 
winning teachers who affected many lives 
while teaching 32 years.
They established a scholarship to aid future teachers.

Uncle Owen was so kind to my daughter, 
and let her call him "Poppy", 
like his own grandchildren which he adored.
Uncle Owen would be 106 today, and we miss him still.

Happy Birthday Uncle Owen!

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