Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 201: Sunday with Zack!

When a 12 year old grandson calls you at 9AM ...
wanting to spend the day with you ...
you get ready and go!

10:30AM on a cloudy day, we had to wait on
weather conditions to ride the balloon.

So a ride on the carousel was in order. 

We went to the Great Park's galleries, picked our favorites
and we didn't touch!

And then a hike over to the Great Park's farmer's market.

Lots of yummy samples.

By then, a growing 12 year old got hungry.

This is a "Singapore S'more" ...
buttery brioche of nutella & coconut jam, mint chiffonade,
whipped cream & chocolate
drizzle. Don't tell Mom!

Mr. Perez, talented blind musician
And, a serenade.

Off in the distance, we saw the ballon was up.

So we went back and up.  (I love this young man)

This was our view down and out.

A last look at the Great Park ...
it is 1:45PM  and we have time for a movie?

To prove the depth of my love for this young man, 
we went to see "Warm Bodies"! (Yes, "PG")
Brownie points for Grandma!

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