Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 181: Today I am a Xanthippe!

I didn't even know what a Xanthippe was until today.

Let me tell you ...
I usually wake up in an orderly way.
I won't bore you with details, but ...
today I didn't want to get up?
Headachy, but not sick.
Grouchy about the day ahead.
But, aiming to reverse this attitude ...
I decided on a blackberry protein smoothie.
My daughter the private trainer ...
(amazing example of fitness and stamina)
raves about the power of blackberries.
So, I use 30g protein (impressed?)...

a whole 4.4 oz of blackberries ... 

1/2 banana, 1 teaspoon flaxseed,

and 1 teaspoon of almond butter.

I start the nutri-blender and look away ...
fascinated by a bird outside my window.
I look back to find a vivid purple abstract painting,
splattered all over my kitchen!
White cabinets, stove, floor ... everywhere!
Now, keep in mind I was trying to correct a
not-so terrific attitude to begin with!

For me, there was a few seconds of 
not wanting to start the task ahead, 
just looking in dis-belief.
But I am a grown-up and so I started.
The funny (not really) thing in cleaning up
is as soon as you think it's done, it isn't.
Please explain to me how the blender container,
which was obviously over-filled, is still full, but ...
there is an equal amount dispersed all over my kitchen?

As you may have gathered, the subject of each 
of my daily blogs just happens and I go with it.
After cleaning up my mess, I brought my smoothie 
into my office to check e-mails and ...
the ever non-existant blog comments. (hint?)
And, one of my daily views is A.Word.A.Day

So when I saw today's word, Xanthippe, 
it was like a bolt from the heavens saying ... 
here is your blog for today!

I drew this little sketch on the back of a bill envelope. 
It was to illustrate a curmudgeon in Day 141, but ...
seems like it fits Xanthippe too, right?

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