Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 174: Gratitude and Brandon ...

They say gratitude, appreciation or thankfulness 
is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgement 
of a benefit one has received. 

I am grateful for Brandon.
Brandon took time yesterday to help me... 
with technical stuff for my computer.
He's a busy professional, husband and father.
Yet he took 90 minutes after a long day's work
and actually solved all my problems. 
As I marveled at his expertise, I realized ...
why I didn't kill him as a moody teenager!

Brandon (3rd from left)

Brandon started class at age 7.
His Dad, Craig started adult class then too.

Brandon (2nd from left, front row)
A reluctant competitor, 
but AAU national champion at age 8.
Soon there were sisters, Megan and Julie.
Then Uncle Mark, cousins Tosh and Chad.
And, Uncle Scott, cousins Matthew and Brett.
Brandon's Grandma and Grandpa attended every event.
I love this family.
I'm still trying to get them to adopt me.

Brandon (5th from left, second row)
He grew up over the twenty seven years ...

Brandon trained through high school ...
and except for spare attendance while at UCI

he still does, with sister Megan ...

Always has been so kind to sisters Julie and Megan ...

Fun to be with ...

 life of the party!

Noelle, Courtney, Brandon
Dedicated kangeiko warrior
and ...
family man.

and ni-dan with Demura Shihan.

Thank you Brandon!

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