Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 171: Long live "Pioneer Woman"!

This morning I woke to no power. 
S.C. Edison sent a postcard on a scheduled power outage.
But that was weeks ago.
Time enough to put aside and forget.

So, feeling like pioneer woman ...
I considered my options.
Planned laundry would wait till 4 PM.
No cinnamon toast, cereal would do.
No hot water for tea,  but I'm tough.
I-phone has poor reception at home.
Garage door opener doesn't work ...
google how-to open manually at 4PM.
Scheduled walk was on. Me power.
Shower in the dark, yep, I'm tough.
Paperwork only requires me power.
House is cold. Layers.

Pioneer Woman: Polly Beemis

About 2 PM, I heard a hum, the desk phone started blinking.
It's back, I have power!

Postscript: I have googled and now know 
how to get my car out without power. 
So that's what that rope was for.

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