Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 166: I have a "thing" for ...

No, not the operating system by Microsoft,
but real windows!

If "eyes are the windows of the soul" ...
then windows must be the eyes of the building.

Fascinating from outside and what they show inside.

No  matter what, they frame a composition ...

some are dressy outside, but they won't let you in.

Others decorate for you, and invite you in.

All of these windows reside within a 2 block radius.

Downtown Santa Ana Artist District has so many gems.

Personality to share.

Get in close, and you get a bonus ... reflections.

Are you enjoying this as much as I am?

Even though these blinds were closed, I got a shot.

Even the security gate couldn't stop a photo.

Gorgeous old buildings with recessed window.

Fancy eye candy, there for the (picture) taking.

I practically did a backbend to get this shot.
All in all, exercise and a fun little walk.

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