Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 164: Kangeiko 2013 tomorrow ...

If you didn't read Rachel's Kangeiko essay, it's here.
A hard act to follow.  Instead, I will just add ...
some old photos and a few details.


Kangeiko is
the traditional 
cold weather

Arrive at 5:30 AM
Ready to start
at 6 AM sharp!
Gi's only.

Near the pier, at the intersection of PCH & Beach Boulevard

Charlie, Cathy, Tess, Roy, Margaret, Marcus, Jared, Roberto, Carolyn, David, Michael


2006 - Ronda, Brandon,Tess, Mike,Jordan, jacki, Jared, Chey, Jake,Luis, Roy, Shayla, Tyler, James, Rachel 

2011 -  Chloe, Oscar, Luis, jacki, Chey, Megan, Brandon, Marcie, Roy, Jared, Natalie, Henry, Kim

Luis, Brandon, Tyler, Kim, Rachel, jacki, Demura Sensei, Cheyenne, Michael

  Chloe, Marcie, Megan, Cheyenne, Luis, jacki

Wonderful memories are worth a little bit of cold.

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