Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 159: I believe in angels. So there!

I  recently scanned old photos of one of my angels.
I believe in angels. So there!
One angel is Aunt Bea.

My Dad's cousin, Bea, was beautiful.
She worked for the telephone company, and
always looked like she stepped out a magazine.

Bea and my Mom

A friend, Donna, with Aunt Bea

Aunt Bea was always tan, I remember her sunbathing.

Aunt Bea and Uncle Bert

Aunt Bea and me, age 2

I think
Aunt Bea 
Uncle Bert were the "Barbie 
and Ken" 
of their day.
The perfect
couple and 
I loved 
Aunt Heddy, Aunt Bea's Mother and Bea in the Pacific
Indiana people coming to California, really enjoyed the beach.

L to R: Uncertain?,  Della Martin,  Aunt Vinda,  Aunt Heddy,  Aunt Tillie,  front: Aunt Bea & Mom

I remember lots of Indiana family and friends visiting.
Maybe in the winter, for some sunshine.

Bea and Bert's first Big Bear cottage in 1965.

My life is blessed in so many ways, and a big
part of it is because of Aunt Bea and Uncle Bert.

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